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So what do MySpace and MTV have to do with presidential hopefuls anyway?

choose.jpg Presidential hopefuls are showing signs of embracing the ever growing world of technology with the first ever MySpace and MTV Presidential Candidate Dialogue. The event took place September 27 in front of a live audience at the University of New Hampshire. The event marked a turning point in the world of politics, as those in the running are well aware of their younger audience’s influence.

As the 2008 election approaches, candidates are striving to differentiate themselves. While most rely heavily on mainstream media, a number of presidential hopefuls are testing the social networks of Facebook and MySpace.

MySpace and MTV joined together to present a new presidential forum aiming to reach younger demographics. johnedwards.jpgCollege students appreciate the use of technology and John Edwards may have helped his campaign tremendously by being the first candidate to take on audience questions in a town hall meeting format. SuChin Pak and Gideon Yago both acted as MTV correspondences and moderated the discussion. Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post provided feedback to Edwards based on the online voting of viewers. Perhaps 2008 candidates are realizing the importance of younger generation’s votes.

The candidates fielded questions from the audience, while the discussion is streamed live over MySpace TV, MTV and MTV’s Web site. Online viewers have the option to vote on how they feel the candidates are answering the presented questions and then ask additional questions.

Social networking Web sites are not just for entertainment or fun anymore and are being put to better use. Why not do something beneficial and useful with all the resources available in today’s instant world? I bet that’s something the campaign directors were asking themselves before they signed their bosses up to take part in these discussions! It’s a perfect opportunity to get your campaign out there and answer the questions the voters are dying to know.

The town hall meeting setting for a younger audience was a huge success and received great ratings from viewers. Edwards may have been the first to take on the challenge, but he most certainly won’t be the last. MySpace and MTV stated that 12 more candidates are signed up so far to see how well they do in the candid and open discussion, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Rudy Giuliani. I guess we’ll have to wait and see who embraces the instant criticism and runs with it, and who chokes in front of thousands of young, vulnerable voters.


Photos courtesy of Missouri Politics and MySpace.



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To blog or not to blog?

So you’re thinking, what can a blog do for me? Did I really just spend thousands of dollars to attend college, only to learn that the growing trend in public relations is the social media phenomenon that I’m a part of everyday to begin with? And to think, some good may just comes from the hours spent networking on social Web sites every week!

Blogging is here and it’s here to stay. The importance of blogs continues to rise because blogs work. Period.

Blogs are effective and inexpensive to create and maintain. Blogs allowBlog the blog professionals to choose who creates, monitors and posts on the company’s or organization’s page. These specialists tailor their blog atmosphere to the targeted audience in order to reach their goals in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Companies are quickly catching onto this growing trend and realizing the value and impact of taking part in it. Robert Scoble’s blog, Scobleizer, is a very effective and popular blog. He utilized his blog while a Microsoft employee and acquired major influence in the market after establishing a fresh and somewhat controversial blog. He promoted Microsoft products, yet he also criticized the company and praised competitors such as Google and Apple Computer.

Scobel shows how blogs are also useful when communicating within an organization. He was involved with producing videos that showcased Microsoft products and employees. These intranets are also used by Intel and The Walt Disney Company.

The Wall Street Journal states how a regularly updated blog can help a business establish itself. In a growing society, where leaving your mark takes hard work, the use of easy to maintain and inexpensive tactics are the only way to go.

One tip all public relations newbies should receive is DO YOUR RESEARCH! Blogger Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine, called out numerous public relations professionals after receiving bad pitch after bad pitch in late October.

To blog or not to blogAlthough the backlash is still taking place from that blow-up, all PR professionals should take away the helpful tips Todd Defren provided on his blog PR-Squared. A little help never hurt anyone.

So blog away PR people and reap the benefits! And who would have thought the generation obsessed with Facebook and MySpace would have the power to move so many markets in a new direction!

Photos courtesy of Conversations with Dina and Base 10 Web Solutions Inc.


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